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Too busy to think about flowers? You may want to reconsider as it is scientifically proven that flowers make us happy. So, if you need your daily dose of happiness, here are some of the most beautiful flower shops in Italy.

‘Sfiorandomi’, Vicenza. One of the few flower shops in Italy that combine music and flowers since inside this cosy place, you can find not only flowers or candles but also an old beautiful piano. This place is ideal for those who have a profound love of old things; from old dried flowers to hand-made decorations. What are some of the most interesting items you can find at ‘Sfiorandomi’? All the natural decorative objects as well as flowers made from recycled paper. These will add an eco-chic touch and bring nature into your home.

Clori Home and Flowers’, Milan. One of the best flower shops in Italy for those who love both, indoors and outdoors plants, decorations, and accessories. An ideal destination for those who are looking for unique design ideas and inspiration for their home, terrace, or garden. But above all, the perfect place for those who love unique looking flowers or less ordinary bouquet ideas. Don’t hesitate to wander around! The place might be small, but it is full of inspiration and colourful flowers that you will want to include in your bouquet!   

Fiorile, Florence.  A magical floral destination for all the romantic souls that still believe in fairy tales. This is what this place is! There is one Italian town that can take you back to another era, a very romantic one, and this town is Florence. So, this cute flower shop, located in one of the most atmospheric neighbourhoods of Florence, is anything but ordinary! This is for sure the best place for classic flower lovers and for those looking for a special occasion bouquet! I don’t know about you, but I tend to fall in love with places and I definitely fell in love with Fiorile!

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