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I have been in many parks, several fields and a few farms but a sunny day in a British Lavender farm can be one of the most fascinating things to do in the UK!

Hitchin Lavender Farm is located at Ickleford, a tiny village with cute little houses near Hitchin, almost 40 mins train journey from London. There isn’t much to do there apart from picking lavender. But picking lavender in itself can be more amusing than it sounds!

Excite and stimulate your senses. Observe the different shades of purple that continuously change throughout the day depending on the sunlight. Even if purple is not one of your favourite colours, it is hard not to like the view.

Smell the sweet floral scent of lavender while walking up and down the field. Try touching the tiny soft purple flowers while picking lavender stems. After a long day in the fields you will notice this lovely scent of lavender on your hands.

Listen to the gentle sound of bumblebees buzzing; there are hundreds of them and they are everywhere. Therefore, long pants would not be such a bad idea - quite the opposite I would say!  

After picking your own lavender flowers and after taking quite a few photos -I bet you will it is hard to resist anyway- most probably you will be starving so enjoy a cake and some lavender tea at the old barn.

Later you can reward yourself with some lavender products. Or why not buying your own lavender pot?

However the biggest reward is your own bag full of lavender flowers. Take it home with you and make your own lavender sachets or even your own purple decorations.

So if you are looking for different ways to spend a sunny summer day around London, just take the next train to Hitchin and treat yourself to a ‘purple’ lavender day at Hitchin Lavender farm. The farm is open between May and August. It will be a day worth remembering! 

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