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This charming eco-chic hotel is located almost an hour drive away from Lisbon, at Torres Vedras on the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

Areias do Seixo is exactly where nature meets luxury! Away from the city buzz and despite the concrete architecture, Areias do Seixo reminds you that being close to nature doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your comfort zone. Quite the opposite!

Every single room at Areias do Seixo is different. All rooms are cosy and nicely designed with custom-made elements.

Most of them offer a nice terrace with magnificent sunset views over the dunes. Bathrooms also keep reinforcing this strong connection with nature.

The dunes and the coast are only a few steps away as well as the vegetable garden. As the sun goes down over the sand dunes, everything slowly changes colours and becomes a bit more red or orange. This is the best time of the day to go for a stroll along the beach.

Breakfast includes delicious homemade orange cake –don’t miss it- and some exceptional vegetables and ginger tea from their own garden – don’t miss this either!

Another thing that you should not miss, particularly if you stay at Areias do Seixo with your other half, is the in-room Jacuzzi bath with floral extracts under the candlelight. Potentially one of the most romantic moments for people in love!

However, the most challenging but, in the end, the most enjoyable part of my stay was the ‘No TV’ rule. Yes you read right. There isn’t a TV or a sound system in any of the rooms.   The only ‘song’ you will listen to during your stay there, will most probably be the sound of nature; the Atlantic Ocean, splashing waves, or the wind.

We all need a place like Areias do Seixo from time to time, to remind us that soul-soothing nature is all it takes to relax a restless mind! Find out more about Areias do Seixo here

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