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Once upon a time…there was a magical place where colours were so vivid, flowers were so beautiful, and there was magic in the air. No this is not a piece of a fairy-tale. It is Fiorile, one of the cutest flower shops in Italy.

They say that Renaissance artists loved flowers and floral compositions. Since Florence was the birthplace of Renaissance, no wonder why when I entered this beautiful flower shop, I felt as if I had been transported to another era or into a painting! Obviously, it was not a painting. It was one of the most elegant, refined and at the same time friendly flower shops in Italy.

Located in Via Santo Spirito, one of the most atmospheric streets of Florence, Fiorile offers an immense variety of classic flowers, from roses and orchids to peonies and dahlias. Different colours, fresh scents, unique shapes, and fascinating textures bring a bit of nostalgia and a lot of beauty to this place.

Every vase and every corner of the shop is full of flowers. So more than a flower shop I would call it a tiny floral destination! In fact, only a few seconds inside Fiorile are enough to make you understand that the owners of this place love what they do and do what they love!

If you are visiting Florence and you are fascinated by the delicacy of flowers, this place is a must-visit! Seasonal flowers are ready to be transformed into a unique bouquet and put a huge smile on someone’s face!

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