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We all need some joyful vibes from time to time, don’t we? So as soon as I entered Clori Home and Flowers, I immediately knew that I had just discovered the right place to help me take some happy and ‘flowery’ vibes back home with me. What I also knew was that I had just discovered one of the most interesting flower shops in Milan.

Although this place is located next to some of the busiest areas of Milan, somewhere between Navigli and Ticinese, its actual location feels everything but busy! Located on a charming peaceful square, this cool flower shop with its beautiful windows immediately attracted my attention – and I bet the attention of all flower lovers. Apart from the usual colourful bouquets that one might find in a typical flower shop, you get to buy some less well-known flowers that eventually might steal the show!

But it is not all about flowers and plants.  There is more than that! Clori Home and Flowers is full of smaller or bigger elements, different textures or materials that can easily intrigued someone’s curiosity, creativity, and imagination. This is what happened in my case too. I wanted to check out every single object and every single corner of that place!

And for a few minutes, this cute flower shop in the heart of Milan transported me to another place. I had a feeling that a part of me was in the heart of a graceful old courtyard while another part of me could feel the magic of an exotic garden or the charm of a beautiful roof terrace.  This is how powerful all these colours and shapes were!

Eventually, I left the place with my very own personalised bouquet and a smile. But I promised myself that I would go back! Because from time to time, we all need a place like this. A place to ‘take’ us here, there, and everywhere!

We all need a place or an item, something or someone to remind us that it is the little things that add a touch of happiness to our life; a bunch of flowers that brings a hint of yellow to a grey background; a tiny plant that reminds us that everybody needs a bit of care and love; a colourful cushion that makes us realise how good it feels having somewhere or someone to lean on!   

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