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About Me

I grew up in Athens. I spent most of my summers on a Greek beach or eating watermelon. My first ever trip abroad was to Australia at the age of eleven. I was fascinated by Koalas and Kangaroos.

I studied in the English countryside where I made friends that I’ll have for a life. I worked in one of the most amazing cities of the world, London.

I left London for a little Italian village in South Tyrol in an attempt to discover more about my love for wines, my love for nature and love in general.

I am in love with an Italian man and my friends live all over the world. I believe that beauty comes from the inside. I always search for beauty in the little things. And I am constantly looking for my next destination.   

Myrtiworld is where I only share my favourite moments and places. It's more about different places or experiences rather than mainstream locations.

All photos are taken by me. All places mentioned are places that I have visited and places that made me smile.

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