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Sea, coconut trees and sand. At a first glance these are the three best things you can find at San Blas.

The sea appears to be many different shades of blue, trees are full of coconuts and the white sand in combination with turquoise water remind you of Caribbean. 

Don’t expect to find a hidden unspoiled paradise because thousands of tourists have already discovered these islands before you. Gunas, the autonomous indigenous group that inhabit these 365 islands, carry in their boats dozens of tourists every day. 

Don’t expect to find luxury hotels or great cocktails, most probably you could barely find some beer. And don’t expect great food. All you get is some rice and chicken. If you are extremely lucky you might get to eat some fresh fish after all.

Amenities are very limited on these islands so you can barely find a room with proper walls or windows.  

However, if that doesn’t scare you off or if you are lucky enough to visit this part of the world in your sailing boat, and so you don’t have to find yourself packed into one of Gunas boats then definitely give it a chance because nature is beautiful over there. 

Located somewhere between Colombia, Panama and the Caribbean, the 365 islands offer some beauty after all. After spending a few hours on one of San Blas islands I realized that there was nothing prettier than nature. The beauty of this place is purely hidden in its own little treasures.

Corals, seashells, starfish, coconuts, tree roots and branches. All these reveal a hidden beauty that maybe at a first glance you can’t perceive.

They are all hidden in the water or half buried under the sand but once you spot them you will realize yourself that they are the little treasures of these islands.

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