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How do you define a city like this? Is it one of the big and noisy capitals of the world? Or is it considered a historical city? Is it retro, hipster or classical? A weekend in Vienna made all these questions pop into my head. And while wandering the city’s streets, apart from noticing the super cute traffic lights, I realised that Vienna is not one of those cities that can easily be defined or categorised. Vienna forms, in and of itself, a special category! Why?

It might be its rich and controversial history; just by listing a few names such as Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Klimt, Wagner, Strauss and Freud, who lived in this city, someone can easily understand Vienna’s heritage. The first thing that reveals Vienna’s rich past is definitely its architecture.

And this is also one of the reasons someone should spend at least a weekend in Vienna. Several styles from Baroque and Gothic to Art Nouveau and Modern architecture still dominate the city’s streets. 

A weekend in Vienna and a walk around the town are enough to give a small taste of such a prosperous history. Start with Stephansdom Cathedral and its beautiful colourful mosaic roof. Continue with an exploration of the Museums Quartier. Check out the Palmenhaus and of course don’t skip a visit at Secession building.

Then, there is the music! Vienna is undeniably the city of music. I wonder how many famous composers have actually lived in Vienna and how many waltzes, classical concerts and progressive music festivals have taken place there.  No matter what kind of music you really love, attending a concert at the House of Music and listening to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra live is an unforgettable experience - it will give you goosebumps.

And of course, writing about a weekend in Vienna without mentioning food and drinks would be so wrong! Vienna is famous for its pastries and cakes. But there is more than that! In Vienna there are hundreds of food and drink spots. But I bet you have heard about the well-known ‘Wiener schnitzel’ or just ‘schnitzel’, right? Head to Rote Bar at Sacher Hotel for potentially the best ‘schnitzel’ of your life and let the place transport you back to another era.

For some Viennese food but with a creative modern twist, book a table at Steirereck Restaurant. I loved the use of local ingredients, the imagination but yet the simplicity hidden in every single dish. The place is located in the heart of a beautiful park so Steirereck is ideal for a gourmet lunch on a sunny day!  

For absolutely unique cocktails, head to Bruder, a cute gastro-bar near Mariahilfer Strasse. This is where you can taste some of the most original drinks of Vienna. An inspiring menu based on fermented ingredients and a fun atmosphere will transform your evening into a memorable cocktail experience. Don’t be surprised if some of the cocktails remind you of an actual dish. It can happen at Bruder!

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