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I am super happy that I visited that restaurant. Moscow is a city full of mystery and C.D.L. restaurant has definitely a bit of this mystery. I am not sure what I liked more; the architectural concept or the food.

Entering the restaurant, you instantly feel like you have stepped back in time and as if you are about to dine with some of the most famous writers of Russian literature. However, there are a few modern touches which coexist with the long history of this building making the experience even more interesting.

For those who don’t know, this elegant building used to serve as centre for Moscow’s Freemasons  and later as a meeting place for Russian writers (CDL stands for Central Writers Club in Russian).

But let’s talk about food!  Osetra caviar was undoubtedly my favourite choice. Served with blinis and cream, it is the best way to start your meal. 

However, you might prefer something hot since during most of the year it is freezing outside. In that case, try their delicious pumpkin soup. It will warm you up in the best way!

I wouldn't really leave that place without ordering a typical Russian dessert, honey cake. If one day I go back to Moscow, this place will certainly be at the top of my list. It should be at the top of your list too! Find out more here

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