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The Scorpions’ song kept popping into my head throughout my stay in Moscow. ‘I follow the Moskva down the Gorky Park listening to the wind of change’. I kept catching myself whispering the lyrics again and again. I wondered why.

Maybe because the song refers to some of the main things that I could recognize in Moscow…Moskva river which crosses the city, Gorky Park which is one of the very few greenish spots in a noisy city like Moscow and last, the breezy cold wind that kept blowing! Or maybe the meaning of the song just reminded me of Moscow’s eventful past and its identity.

In any case, I was glad to find out that Moscow has kept part of this past without trying too hard to be ‘modernized’ or ‘westernised’.  It is an interestingly beautiful place full of contrasts.

However, in order to see this beauty you will need to look beyond traffic jams, grey soviet buildings, old cars and sometimes ‘rude’ Russians. Yes sometimes Russians might come across as rude but it is their way that gives such an impression. In Russia I met some of the most helpful people indeed!

And yes there are plenty of grey soviet buildings but you cannot ignore some of the most impressive buildings you have ever seen such as the Lenin towers, the Moscow Kremlin and of course the colourful cathedrals. Apart from walking around the city, try a river cruise because this is the best way to admire the view and all these impressive buildings that dominate Moscow. 

So let the ‘Moscow vibes’ seduce you. Spoil yourself with some of the finest vodka and some delicious Georgian food. There are plenty of Georgian restaurants across the city where you can try the famous ‘kinkhali’ dish (forget about knife and fork…you can only eat it using your hands).

If you would like to find yourself immersed in a proper Russian dining experience, try to avoid all major touristy restaurants and book a table at C.D.L. restaurant. This is where you can combine great food with great heritage as the building is truly unique.

And if you can’t bear the cold while walking around the Red Square, stop at one of the biggest shopping malls, ‘Gum’ and try some tasty tarts while admiring the architecture or try the famous Russian ‘honey cake’. For sure one of the yummiest cakes I discovered during my Russian adventure. 

Moscow I hope you will remain as unique as you are! Until next time…Dazvidania!

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