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Moist and flat or big and magnificent? Spongy or crispy? Plain or creamy? With chocolate or marmalade? I am speaking about the best cakes in Vienna of course! I have always been attracted to that wonderful smell of freshly baked pastries, and even more to the pastries themselves! And since Viennese cuisine is known for its pastries, I could not leave that city without tasting a few cakes.No matter if you spend a whole month, an entire week or just a weekend in Vienna, tasting a few famous cakes is a must and it will definitely complete the Viennese experience. 

One of the most famous cakes is ‘Sachertorte’, as locals call it. This might become one of your favourite desserts if you are a chocolate lover…or a mystery solver! It is said that the recipe was created in 1832 and until now it continues to be a well kept secret; a real hidden mystery cake! Every day tourists create endless queues outside Hotel Sacher in order to taste a slice of it. But don’t let the long queues mislead you. You can find equally delicious or even better ‘Sachertorte’ at local cafes and pastry shops.

Another famous pastry, particularly interesting for chocolate lovers, is ‘Sperl Schnitte’ made by Café Sperl. The place itself is supposed to be one of the oldest and most historical cafés in Vienna. If you like ‘Sperl Schnitte’ and you are brave enough to try making your own, check the last pages of their menu as the recipe is supposed to be written there. You will end up enjoying one of the best cakes in Vienna at home!

It’s impossible to complete my list of the best cakes in Vienna without mentioning another equally famous, traditional and yummy cake; ‘Gugelhupf’ cake.  It is still a bit unclear if the cake has its origins in Austria or another neighbouring country. No matter where it really comes from, by now ‘Gugelhupf’ cake has won its way into most Austrian cookbooks. If you want to try a homemade version of it, head to Vollpension café. Their cakes and dishes are prepared every day by grannies, so you really feel like eating your granny’s cake after all. 

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