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Have you ever wondered why white asparagus are white instead of green? Or have you ever asked yourself what hemp seeds are and how much protein they contain? A dining experience at Steirereck restaurant not only will enlighten you on what you actually eat and give you interesting hints about food, but it will also please your taste buds!

You might have seen it in architectural magazines, or you might have heard food critics speak passionately about it. Located in the heart of one of Vienna’s most famous parks, Steirereck restaurant is not your usual Michelin-starred restaurant. And this is obvious from the very first moment.

Its architecture is as unique as its food.  You might want to call it the ‘chameleon’ of Stadtpark as it perfectly blends into its surroundings. In fact, shadows and lights are perfectly reflected on the restaurant’s façade redefining the borders between reality and illusion.

And while the exteriors bridge the gap between reality and illusion, the interiors manage to successfully combine comfort and elegance. But more importantly, when it comes to food, Steirereck restaurant marries contemporary food with traditional Viennese cuisine in a particularly delicious way.

A meal at Steirereck restaurant is not just a meal! It is a full immersion in the culinary history of Austria and the Viennese cuisine. Authentic products and local ingredients such as kohlrabi, bergamot and, mountain trout, are all used in an exceptional way.  

Which dish is the most delicious? Cabbage with cape gooseberry, hemp and sweet clover? Pike with courgette flower, salted capers and salad burnet? Or, asparagus soup with bergamot, wild hop shoots and speck? It’s hard to decide. I guess there is no way of coming up with an answer as all dishes are truly special!    

And if you are a bread or cheese lover, this place will impress you for sure. I can hardly think of any other restaurant that offers such a great selection of homemade bread. A great variety of cheeses, fresh, aged, mild, strong, creamy or hard, will also impress you. Find out more here.

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