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Varoulko restaurant is widely considered one of the best restaurants in Greece. But have you ever wondered what its name means? ‘Varoulko’ in Greek means anchor windlass. And as you might have guessed, it is a significantly important tool for fishermen and sailors; it is what raises or lowers the heavy anchor of a ship.

Not a usual name for a Michelin star restaurant, right? But life has taught me that the unusual stuff are the most exciting ones. And for sure Varoulko restaurant confirms that theory! This is not the usual Michelin star restaurant. It is a relaxed yet classy restaurant that tells a story through its food. It is a story about Greek seas and Greek fish. It is the story of many Greek families that have their roots in the Greek sea.

It is the story of the owner and chef, a young boy that at the age of 15 followed his dad, a Greek ship cook, and discovered his love for cooking and gastronomy on the open sea.  The sea has certainly shaped the Greek culture throughout the centuries, and fresh fish could easily be Greece’s national dish. And this is what Varoulko is about.

Fish and seafood dominate Varoulko’s menu. But it is much more than sea bream, seabass, prawns and tuna. Varoulko’s dishes immerse guests in a playful appetising journey that unveils different Greek fish species that you might have never tasted or heard of.

‘Drakena’, ‘Avgotaraxo’, ‘Fagri’ and ‘Sfirida’ are just a few of the Greek fish that from time to time appear on Varoulko’s menu. Don’t try to find a precise translation and don’t be surprised if you leave the place wondering what you just ate.

Greece offers such a great variety of fish species that it is almost impossible to find an exact translation for all of them. No matter the name or the translation, at Varoulko restaurant every fish will be delicious for sure! And let’s not forget the beautiful sea views!

Located at Mikrolimano marina, not far from Athens city centre, this place will make you feel like you have left the city’s hustle and bustle for a bit. A couple of hours at Varoulko and a few bites of red mullet tartar or Octopus carpaccio, will make you feel like on a Greek island without even leaving your chair!

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