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There are many islands in Greece. More than 200 inhabited islands to be precise! If someone had to pick the most beautiful ones, I am sure Hydra would be one of them.

Hydra is located in the Aegean Sea, somewhere between the Argolic and the Saronic Gulf. It is actually one of the very few islands that are so close to Peloponnese and Athens.

All you need to do in order to arrive to Hydra is take one of the high-speed catamarans that depart from Piraeus port on a daily basis.

Once you arrive at Hydra you will realise that the views are spectacular. Whatever the place or corner, wherever you stand you can enjoy a beautiful view. The island is built in the shape of an amphitheatre so it is almost impossible to miss the stunning view.

The best part: no cars are allowed on Hydra Island! It is all about clear blue waters, stone houses, little alleys, tiny churches, yummy food and…donkeys!

You can go anywhere you want on foot (or on a donkey I guess). Or at least almost anywhere. The most beautiful beaches are accessible mainly by small boats that depart from the main port. In a few minutes you arrive at Saint Nicholas beach. An organised, yet almost untouched beach, where you will find the basic amenities; sun beds and a beach bar with great melon cocktails! But that’s all you need on Hydra Island to truly enjoy a day on the beach.

You cannot leave the island without enjoying a sunset among the fishing boats at the old port. Yes, the new port is indeed the hot spot but the old port has its beauty too. But not everyone sees it. It is undeniably a calm spot. Not much seems to be happening there.

But if you take a closer look, you can see the old fishermen tiding up their fishing nets and boats after a long day.

These little moments can transport you back in time. But anyway, the entire island itself seems to be a throwback to a different era.

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