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So what if summer is short? Yes I would not mind longer summers obviously! So what if you didn’t have enough time to enjoy the Greek Cycladic islands as much as you would like to?

Unfortunately you can’t really bring summer back or make summers longer - unless you have some kind of super natural special powers. However what you can do is visiting Anafiotika neighbourhood.

Anafiotika area might not be built by the sea, but it definitely offers a summer vibe due to its architecture. Located just on the Acropolis hill in Athens, it offers stunning views of the city, and it is only a few meters away from the actual Acropolis. Its name derives from the name ‘Anafi’ which is a small Cycladic island located in the heart of the Aegean sea. The narrow alleys and the little white houses make you forget that you are in the heart of one of the busiest European capitals.

The calmness in combination with colorful wooden doors and windows, bougainvillea and geranium flowers as well as the big fig trees that you come across from time to time is some of the things you will appreciate the most if you find yourself in Anafiotika.

There are no restaurants, bars or hotels up here but Plaka area is only minutes away and you can certainly find all you need there.

So start your day with the Acropolis tour and after admiring the beautiful Parthenon, and just before heading to Plaka for some Greek lunch or dinner, have a walk around Anafiotika. If it happens to meet some of the few residents don’t hesitate to say hello as they might be keen on sharing the story of this place with you.

In any case, this tiny cute neighbourhood has nothing to be jealous of Cycladic islands and it keeps reminding you that sometimes you can find what you are looking for in the most unexpected places; a Cycladic neighbourhood in the middle of Athens!

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