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If I regret something about my visit at this place is the fact that I hadn’t discovered it earlier!

Prawn on the lawn is one of the few seafood places in London where you can enjoy some truly delicious unpretentious casual lunch or dinner.

The menu is small - but this is usually a good thing! All the dishes are prepared with real attention to details and most importantly, they are all equally appealing and fresh!

If you are an oyster enthusiast start your meal with some Jersey or Minai oysters accompanied by one of the most attractive drinks on the cocktail menu ‘Gamberi sul Prato’; an interesting mixture of lime, chilli, Sprizzato and coriander.

If you love raw fish, the seared tuna is one of the best options. If, on the contrary you prefer a nice piece of oven-cooked fish try Thai marinated hake or the sardines – yummy, yummy, and yummy!!

And that’s not all! Apart from a seafood bar, Prawn on the lawn is also a fishmonger – a fishmonger that is open until late! Fresh fish is brought in every single day from Devon and Cornwall.

So if you are a North Londoner, this place can even become your local fishmonger. As you enter the place, it is impossible to miss the fresh fish of the day on the shop window.

Prawn on the lawn; a seafood bar or a fishmonger? A bit of both but it is yummy anyway! Find out more here

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