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I love this place. I would dare to say it’s a little paradise and one of my favourite secret spots in London.

Don’t get confused. Petersham Nurseries recently opened a space in the heart of Covent Garden. The new space is undoubtedly attractive and absolutely exciting for garden lovers or flower lovers.

But my big love is the original space of Petersham Nurseries located in Richmond, literally just a few steps away from the well known Richmond Park.You can easily reach it from Central London using the District Line -that’s the green line. And it is within walking distance from Richmond Tube Station.

In order to fully enjoy the charming cuteness of this place, check the weather forecast before planning your visit. But, in any case, London is definitely not famous for its predictable weather!

On a sunny day, you can enjoy your tea or coffee, dine in the glasshouse restaurant, taste some home-made cakes or just simply walk around, browse beautiful flowers and read a book.The best part is the rustic vintage vibe of this place. So before leaving, check out their selection of rustic-chic home and garden accessories. 

If what you have read and seen so far seems appealing then it might worth keeping an eye on their special events and workshops. These can vary from gardening workshops, to special wine tastings or dining experience.

If you want to escape for a bit from London's craziness then Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is definitely one of the best choices! Find out more here

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