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Best breakfast place in London?

Ez & Moss. One thing that I was not expecting to find around Holloway Road was a new favourite breakfast place, yet I found it!

It took me approximately five visits to finally get convinced that someone could actually have a great breakfast in a tiny place hidden in-between kebab shops and fast food restaurants.

Yes it is tiny, it can only fit around seven to eight tables and the menu is kind of tiny too but still enough to make you happy on a Sunday morning! It is located minutes away from Angel or Highbury and it is less crowded! You don’t need to book a table. You don’t need to queue. You don’t need to look posh or hipster. All you need is a big appetite! 

Try Eggs Florentine and ask for additional mushrooms. If you prefer something lighter go for Avocado on Toast, the best, or at least one of the best Avocado on Toast dishes in London.

The desserts not only look delicious, they are delicious too. No matter if you love desserts or not, if you are vegetarian or vegan, I bet you can spend quite some time in front of the till until you finally decide which one looks better! No wonder why this spot is on my list of the best breakfast places in London! 

But whatever you eat or drink, do not leave this place without trying a freshly squeezed orange and carrot juice. It's always super yummy and fresh; an ideal way to refresh your weekend routine and feel healthier!

They say that the way we start our morning can actually affect not only our mood but the entire day! If this is true, after a healthy breakfast at Ez & Moss days can only be super yummy and colourful. Find out more here

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