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I always thought that some regions of Tuscany are supernaturally beautiful. If you add thousands of cheerful sunflowers in full bloom, then the gorgeous Tuscan countryside becomes dreamy!

After spending some time surrounded by these yellow beauties, I realised that there are three things I have in common with sunflowers.

First of all, we are both made for summer. I love summer so do sunflowers. That’s why you will only see them blooming between late June and early August.

Secondly, we always follow the sun. I can become really miserable without any sunshine and I always love a good sun tan. So do they! That’s why until they bloom they always face the sun. No wonder why you usually find so many of them at the sunniest spots.

You must be wondering about the third thing that I have in common with sunflowers. In fact, we attract the bees! I don’t know why I attract the bees but for sure sunflowers are a magnificent destination for all the happy bees flying out there. That’s because in reality sunflowers are formed of thousands of tiny flowers full of pollen and nectar. Just try to observe how bees get covered by pollen every time they land on a sunflower!

 So if you are in Tuscany during the summer months keep an eye out for these beautiful sunflower fields.

The best way to find them is looking out of your window while driving from Siena towards Montalcino or Pienza – I actually discovered the biggest field near ‘Strada di Salteano’ but there are so many that it is almost impossible to miss them.

Try to avoid the main highways in order to spot more sunflowers and enjoy magical views. Happy sunflower hunting!

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