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If you are not a nostalgic traveller, a romantic dreamer or a retro lover you can stop reading now. If on the other hand, you are one of the above then Florence might be your paradise!

There is an endless list of things to do in Florence depending on who you are; an architecture and art enthusiast, a shopaholic, a street artist, a wine lover or a foodie. 

I simply love discovering and capturing charming corners of this world, so here it is…my Florence!

My Florence is all about beautiful facades of retro shops and old buildings that you simply can’t miss and that transform the town into a precious treasure from another era. So this post is all about this!

Of course there is the well-known Duomo and Uffizi Galleries which are definitely tourist hot spots. But, as I said, I prefer the other ‘face’ of Florence, the less crowded one which is located just south of the river! So don’t underestimate this part of the town as it could actually be the best!  

Grab a map, and I mean a timeless paper map because it fits in perfectly with Florence’s vibes, and start exploring. Walk around Via dell’Orto and Borgo S. Frediano. Enter secret courtyards, churches, parks and side streets.

Look up, down, left and right because all the details that you might come across will surprise you; from unique street art or sculpture pieces, to old decorated ceilings, chandelier stores, jazz shops and super elegant ‘pasticcerie’.   

To all the nostalgic travellers, romantic dreamers or retro lovers out there, I hope you will enjoy Florence as much as I did!

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