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Blue, pink, green, purple, orange, yellow, red and many more colours, shades and patterns coexist very harmoniously and create…Burano!

Indeed, Burano is the land of colours. It could be something like Cuba of Europe when it comes to colours!  It could even be the definition of colourful itself. 


It took a few visits to Venice to finally discover Burano. Yes, Venice is without doubt beautiful. It is also romantic, picturesque and much more.  

But wandering around Venice without visiting Burano is something like eating pizza without any cheese or eating pasta without any sauce (these are all the Italian metaphors I could think of to describe it!).


In other words, if you go all the way to Venice, don’t forget spending at least a couple of hours in Burano.

Arriving in Burano was pretty simple; a 40 minute boat ride from central Venice with ‘vaporetto’ number 12!


Upon arrival, ignoring the most popular pathway and following a less crowded route is a wise thing to do; after getting off the boat instead of following the main path straight in front of the platform, just go a bit left, pass the petrol station and start walking down the canal. 


Most probably you will see one of the cutest petrol stations and you will get to walk in a less touristy neighbourhood to start with.

Take your time. Absorb, feel and enjoy the different colours around you.


Look at the matching walls, brooms, flower pots and curtains. Look and try to capture the colourful reflections in the water.

The best time to do so is just before sunset. This is when colours seem to be even more vivid and canals views become even more dramatic and intense.

Look at the locals socialising outside their front doors. Smell the fresh fish that some residents have just caught and grilled.


Observe the people hanging out their laundry – it is impressive to find out that the colours of the clothes will also match the walls of their house!

Above all, pay attention to the happy and extremely relaxed people!


I was pleasantly surprised with the response of a local guy when I apologised for getting in the way and making him wait for some minutes in order to capture a beautiful alley with my camera; ‘Why are you apologising? There is nothing to apologise for. I am not in a hurry. I am relaxed’. 

So it seems that adding colours in our life makes a difference and it feels great after all!

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