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Think about some of your favourite dishes that your mom used to make and add a Tuscan twist.  Then, add a glass of intense red wine with wooden notes grown in your own vineyard. Now, imagine a breathtaking landscape full of colourful flowers, green hills, cypress trees, wild dears and boars.

And finally picture a traditional Italian farmhouse lovingly renovated using only natural materials, where beds are made without using any metal nails or glue; and walls are rendered with clay plasters and barley straw.

If you think that all the above sound too good to be true, you are wrong. You can experience all of these at Pian di Meta Vecchia. Pian di Meta Vecchia does actually exist and it is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Tuscany, Val d’Orcia.

With less than ten rooms, its smiley owners treat their few and selected guests almost like part of their family so it is really difficult not to feel welcome.

Simplicity, love for nature and harmony dominate the place. Its owners keep a low profile so most probably you won’t read about Pian di Meta Vecchia in any famous travel magazine or website.

The place itself is hidden somewhere in-between vineyards and farms. It is not easy to find. And you will not find it unless you are really determined to search for it. Driving down a narrow bumpy dirt road might be unavoidable but don’t let this put you off.

If you love agrotourism you will adore Pian di Meta Vecchia – you will adore it anyway! It  is one of the unknown gems of Italy.

Once you discover it, just enjoy it and fully immerse yourself into the sounds, smells and tastes of this beautiful part of the world; Tuscany.

My last tip; If you find yourself at Pian di Meta Vecchia on a summer night, have a glass of red wine on the terrace, enjoy  the complete silence, look up at the night sky and just view the stars! Find out more about Pian di Meta Vecchia here. 

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