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Ikebana derives from two words, ikeru and hana, and it literary means living flowers or giving life to flowers.

Did you know that Ikebana is kind of a science? I mean there are different schools of Ikebana and there are even proper schools that actually teach Ikebana. I didn’t know any of these until I visited Japan.

And this is when I attended an Ikebana workshop at the Ohara School of Ikebana in Tokyo and I got carried away by beautiful flowers, geometrical arrangements and various colour combinations.

The entire experience was full of surprises, pleasant ones! To start with, I was amazed to find out that Ikebana is so comparable to a geometry class; every floral arrangement is actually based on precise geometrical shapes and patterns.

But, I promise is much more enjoyable and creative than a geometry class! And creativity was another lovely surprise; the different combinations that someone can form with hardly any branches or flowers are never-ending.

But what was the best part of my Tokyo Ikebana experience? The fact that for a bit I stopped thinking about my mobile, my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram updates and so on.

I just disconnected from any form of false reality or the virtual world and I realised that there are stuff that can in fact trigger someone’s imagination, inspiration and most probably the creative child inside each of us. It was definitely worth it! Find out more here.

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