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A bit of green, tiny bit of blue, a dash of yellow, little bits of pink, some red and a lot of orange. It is not an artist’s palette; it is Bangkok and its markets.

Let’s say it this way; Bangkok is not one of the most aesthetically organized cities. Definitely not! But somewhere in-between these chaotic busy streets there are a lot of things going on.

Many cars driving around the city, plenty of skyscrapers and shopping malls with posh stores and restaurants and masses of tourists blended together with locals walking up and down Bangkok’s famous nightlife streets; this is one side of Bangkok. However, I prefer the other one, the most colourful one.

Apart from the famous Grand Palace, explore Pak Klong Talad, the flower market of Bangkok and its side streets. If you love colours or flowers, this market will make your day as there are hundreds of different colourful flowers.

And while wandering around these markets you lose all sense of time or space and you just find yourself following the locals while they are doing their flower or grocery shopping.

 If you are up for something even more local and less touristy hire a local taxi-boat and ask them to take you to Klong Lad Mayom, a floating market located in the suburbs, mainly visited by locals.

Make sure you are hungry enough when arriving at Klong Lad Mayom since there is a huge variety of local snacks and dishes to choose from; grilled fish and squid, nuts, rice snacks, and fresh fruits and vegetables and much more.

And all of them look so tasty! After enjoying your meal sit back, relax and just benefit from the calmness of the suburbs while floating back to the city through the quiet canals.

And a last tip; Bangkok is all about a riot of colours, so why not trying to blend in? Just dress in something bright and colourful! 

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