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The truth is that Tokyo is Tokyo. There is no other city like Tokyo. 

Tokyo is one of the most populated cities in the world. It is the city with one of the busiest commuter rail networks in the world. It is the city with the most beautiful gardens.

It is the city with many peculiar shops, bars and restaurants. It is the city with the biggest anime store in the world.

Tokyo is a city that has been destroyed by earthquakes and world wars. It is also the city with some of the most unusual or interesting architecture.

Tokyo is a city that, throughout the centuries, has been transformed from a fishing village into a mega metropolis.

There are so many facts I could write about Tokyo. And there are for sure hundreds of books, travel guides and articles written about this peculiar city. 

However, this is not another book or another article about Tokyo. Here is Tokyo the way I lived it! So let me show you 'my Tokyo'!

'My Tokyo' is having a late dinner at a random tiny ramen place around the corner, surrounded by lonely Japanese guys dressed in business suites while quickly choking down their pork ramen.

'My Tokyo' is having my first Ikebana class on a Sunday morning. It is drinking a few glasses of Shochu, my favourite Japanese drink, at a local izakaya. 'My Tokyo' is eating sushi omakase!

'My Tokyo' is using body language, drawings, smiles, strange sounds or anything else but English in order to communicate with locals! 'My Tokyo' is observing kids removing their shoes before entering their nursery school. 'My Tokyo' is enjoying a calm walk away from the crowds at Meguro neighbourhood.

'My Tokyo' is losing count every time I try to calculate the number of people passing  Shibuya crossing. 

'My Tokyo' is exploring really unfamiliar tastes and flavours such as fresh wasabi, traditional Japanese confectionery, Kit-Kat Matcha flavour and ‘konbu’ – edible kelp that Japanese have been eating for many centuries now.

'My Tokyo' is waking up way too early blaming my jet lag but still being incredibly happy that I get to see a spectacular tranquil sunrise over Tokyo.

And I am going to finish this post the way I started it. 'My Tokyo' is simply...Tokyo and there is no other city like it!

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