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This place is one of the top things that come to my mind when I recall my days in Japan. That’s why I decided that my first post on my Japanese trip should be about Yakumo Saryo!

Yakumo Saryo is usually open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You definitely need to book in advance as there are only a few seats available.

Yakumo Saryo is more like someone’s kitchen or home, rather than a restaurant, which is what makes it special and so difficult to book.

Reserving a place for dinner is a bit trickier since dinner reservations are only accepted by people that have already been there before.

However it is easier to book for lunch or breakfast – you still need to book several days or weeks in advance though. I promise, it will be worth it!

I had decided that its ‘Zen’ atmosphere, but also the calm residential neighbourhood that surrounds it, would make it the best breakfast place to start my first day in Tokyo. I was so right! It is a much appreciated peaceful oasis in a super busy city like Tokyo.

The typical Japanese atmosphere, the beautifully designed space, the different varieties of Japanese tea and the traditional Japanese breakfast consisting of steamed rice, miso soup, grilled fish and much more make it an unforgettable breakfast experience.

Every single moment of this breakfast experience is fascinating and will certainly help you unlock some of the mysteries of Japan’s culture and particularly food culture.

A last tip from me… make sure you try ‘konbu’, an edible kelp that Japanese have been eating for many centuries now! Its flavour is very particular - it really intrigued my taste buds. Find out more about Yakumo Saryo here

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