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In every fairy tale there is a forest: this is where Little Red Riding Hood met the wolf, where Snow White came across the seven dwarfs, where Belle met the Beast.

And it is in the woods, straight out of a fairy tale, where I had one of the most unforgettable dining experiences of my life: ‘Taste Nature, The Forest Edition’ by Theodor Falser and Johannesstube restaurant.

My fairy tale lunch started the Italian way: with an aperitivo! And it finished the South Tyrolean way: with a ‘Lederer’ apple tart.

What happened in-between? A five-course lunch and a true mix of cultures in my plate. An exploration of local flavours and textures inspired by the territory, and its soil.

A journey back in time when electricity or gas was not taken for granted. A Michelin-level lunch cooked on a wood fire stove.

A perfect beetroot risotto and the best tomahawk steak I have ever eaten; cooked the primitive way, on a hot rock. 

The best part apart from the beautiful setting? Discovering my new favourite herb, ‘Mountain Pepper’, and coming to the realization that a perfect meal doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

All it takes is respect for nature, fresh unprocessed food and a lot of love for what you do. The result? Simple and delicious!

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