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This post is about a beautiful place that I spent most of my last 365 days. Today’s post is about Caldaro, a place not far from the famous Dolomites, in South Tyrol.

Caldaro or Kaltern is a tiny village in the north of Italy where I moved in an attempt to discover more about my love for wines, my love for nature and about love in general!

Caldaro is a place that combines great Italian wine and risotto with tasty schnitzel and strudel. A place that combines mountain views with lake views, apple fields with vineyards. Caldaro is a place where the Italian present meets the Austrian past.

All these particular combinations make it a beautiful hidden spot throughout the year with every season adding a special touch of charm to Caldaro and its surroundings.

Every spring, around April, thousands of apple trees bloom, offering magic views.

Every summer, the vineyards get a vivid green colour that you cannot stop looking at. And let’s not forget the lake, where you can swim, eat, meditate or just relax.

In autumn everything becomes so colourful that only a simple walk in the woods seems like a series of vivid paintings.

And in winter, Christmas time is definitely magical in Caldaro – I dare you to try to count the number of Christmas trees that decorate the entire village!

So it is up to you which season you will choose – I still can’t decide. And no matter if you prefer apples or wine, strudel or risotto I am almost sure that you will be able to appreciate Caldaro’s beauty at any time of the year… because all of us need some peaceful walks in nature or just an amazing glass of wine from time to time!

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