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In German it’s Margreid. In Italian it’s Magre. It doesn’t matter which name you like the most as long as you like good wine.

This tiny village is an ideal destination for wine lovers. The old traditional houses and the narrow streets together with the calmness make this place very charming. However, what makes this place so special is wine!

Drinking wine is literary one of the very few things you can do in Margreid. Even its location, just at the end of the ‘wine road’ in Alto Adige says it all… it’s all about wine!

After wandering around Magre’s streets, your first stop should be Paradeis, the winery of Alois Lageder. The entrance is at the main square so it will be hard to miss it. The place itself is very appealing.  The wine is also great! I am not sure what their secret is. It is said that soothing music is being played to their wine barrels; I guess the best way to find out is to book a tour and taste their wines yourself.

If you plan your visit during winter you can enjoy several glasses of wine by the fireplace while reading a book, while in summer you will have the chance to enjoy the cute inner courtyard or even some music and cultural events that take place there from time to time.

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