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If you live in a city like London, Paris, New York where everything is fast, loud, crowded and you feel plagued with anxiety you might fall in love with the serenity and simplicity of Miramonti Boutique Hotel.

But even if you don’t live in such a noisy busy city, Miramonti Boutique Hotel will still sooth your soul. 

Located in the heart of pure nature, just by the Dolomites and just out of the town of Merano, in South Tyrol, this place has a magic power; serenity. 

Most of the rooms offer absolute privacy and incredible mountain views to benefit from throughout your stay, from the very start of your day until the moment you will go back to bed. 

The spa area is also a place of absolute serenity. A very relaxed environment and a friendly greeting by the spa hostesses will immediately make you feel like home. A great variety of herbal tea as well as healthy snacks, books and magazines lying around the spa lounge area will also make you feel like you are in your very own living room – but with a view! 

If you are in search for utter quietness you can find a cozy corner in one of the relaxation rooms. An afternoon in one of these rooms will make you forget any stressful thoughts and help you focus on your inner wellbeing. 

Of course one of the highlights and potentially the most instagrammed corner of the hotel is the pool. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a swim with such a view? By far one of the best swimming pools that I have been so far! In case you are a romantic explorer, go for an evening swim and look up at the beautiful sky. Whether it is clear or full of clouds, for sure you will catch yourself trying to spot the brightest star. 

Another equally special part of the hotel is the sauna - one of the three saunas to be more precise. Located further up in the woods it could easily be named as one of the best view saunas in the world. And I mean it! An evening visit will convince you - just be ready to socialize with a few naked people apart from enjoying the breathtaking view!

Miramonti Boutique Hotel doesn’t stand out for its luxury. It is its uniqueness that makes it special and transforms it into a little serenity paradise which not only calms the body but also the mind! Inhale fresh air, grab your favourite book, open your eyes to enjoy the unique views and let your body and mind truly relax!

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