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A secluded tropical green paradise, that’s what Isla Palenque is.  This luxury resort is located on a private island in the Pacific coast of Panama, in the gulf of Chiriqui.

You get to stay on the island almost by yourself - to be more precise, it might be you and only a few more guests.

Only a couple of nights at this resort are enough to make you forget your daily routine and re-evaluate your life priorities.

You will be surrounded by tropical trees, monkeys, iguanas, birds, butterflies and of course by the resort hosts who will try their best to make your stay unforgettable.

I still can’t decide which was the best part of my stay there. Was it the local food produced from their very own organic farm? Was it the infinity pool with ocean view of the main villa? Was it the rum cocktails by the pool? Or maybe the tranquility of the place? I could go on forever!

Try booking the main villa in the heart of the island. Remember to pack your swimsuit, flip flops and your raincoat. 

Do not worry about how to get there, they can even plan it for you. Have a walk on the beach - most probably it will be one of the few times in your life that you will have the entire beach to yourself.

Taste some of their exotic salads – always from their own organic farm so usually it’s really fresh and tasty. Look for the monkeys jumping from tree to tree. Watch out for mosquitoes since they can be really annoying.

And above all, enjoy because Isla Palenque is truly magnificent and I have no more words to describe this place! Find out more about Isla Palenque here

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