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Coco-mat Eco Residences is one of the few hotels on Serifos island that are located exactly on the beach.

The structure used to be a residence building for the miners of the island but today it has been transformed to one of the best places to stay in Serifos – for sure my favourite place!

Although, slightly overpriced as some bedrooms can be considered a bit undersized, there is a long list of things that pay back for this!

For sure the amazing views all day and night long are on the top of that list. All rooms offer views to the sea. You can enjoy the amazing view of the beach from the moment you wake up in the morning until late at night.

And the sea; I would give anything to be in that crystal clear water right now! The colour of the sea changes depending on the time of the day or the wind; from deep blue to emerald green.

And of course the drinks – I could not skip writing about the drinks! I can’t forget the full of flavour fresh juices and cocktails, as well as the local dishes with a creative touch served on the beach – you can even have your own private dinner served on the beach.

But what is the one thing I truly love about this place?

It is for sure that superb feeling you have when you spend all day on the beach. Not any beach, Vagia beach; a truly picturesque beach with perfectly clean waters and potentially one of the best sunset beach views of the island!

This place is definitely for beach life lovers! Find out more about Coco-mat Eco Residences here

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