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What about sleeping in a monastic cell? What about having breakfast in a refectory? And what about taking a dip in a swimming pool within the old walls of a convent? I did all these during my stay at Monastero Arx Vivendi, a unique hotel located in Arco, a short drive from Lake Garda.

As you approach the place, you can barely tell it’s a hotel. But the minute the giant garage door starts opening, an entire secret sanctuary unfolds before your eyes; a beautiful garden, an outdoor heated pool, a newly built wellness pavilion that includes a hammam, saunas, treatment rooms and of course the main hotel building with its 40 rooms and suites. And this is the exact moment you realize that Monastero Arx Vivendi is a hotel like no other.

The building itself is impressive. It dates back to the 17th century and, until recently, used to be a convent. In fact, part of it is still a convent -during my stay, it was home to four nuns.

Its imposing architecture immediately conveys its remarkable heritage while a mix of contrasts creates a constant dialogue between old and new: vaulted ceilings and old wooden features versus modern glass and metal structures that dominate the wellness area. 

I don’t know if it is this constant dialogue between old and new, ‘sacred’ and ‘sinful’, devotion and pleasure that adds a voluptuous note to the entire experience, but one thing is certain: Monastero Arx Vivendi is a hotel with a vibe, a character, and a history that guests are invited to explore and enjoy.

And if once Monastero Arx Vivendi used to be a sacred sanctuary, today is a relaxation sanctuary. Its serenity remains unaltered and ready to welcome the most stressed souls.

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