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Sadly, during the last years Greece is mostly famous for the economic crisis and the well-known ‘debt’ - but better don't get me started! Luckily, Greece is also famous for the beautiful islands or the beaches. And Greece is also famous about democracy, souvlaki, philosophy and so on.

Indeed, Greece is not very famous for the wine. But if you are willing to explore a less famous side of Greek tourism why not trying wine tourism!

This is what brought me to Scalarea Estate and Boutari Winery, one of the few wineries in Greece that can accommodate guests.

Hidden among the green hills, this cute little winery is only a short drive away from the busy city of Heraklion, at Crete – and you can easily fly there from Athens. It is hard to spot unless you are specifically looking for it. 

I would highly recommend it to couples that are looking for a romantic escape or to individuals that just want to disconnect from reality for a few days!

The top feel-good moment during my stay at Scalarea Estate, was for sure the sunny mornings. Waking up at Scalarea Estate is a real treat.

All you have to do is open your front door, look at the amazing view of the vineyards, take a deep breath of proper fresh air, and start enjoying a delicious homemade breakfast already served just for you on your private terrace.

Do you want to know the real reason why I would go back to this place?

I would definitely go back for the breakfast as every single part of their dishes is locally harvested and you can definitely tell!

I would also go back for the ‘off the beaten path’ strolls at the unknown villages nearby– Archanes is one of them- and the colourful Knossos archaeological site.

And last but not least, I would go back for the loudest singing cicadas ever - a typical sound of Greek summer!

Find out more about Scalarea Estate here

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