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Flowers; I love flowers. They come in different shapes, colours, sizes. They mostly smell nice and usually when we are surrounded by them we feel a bit happier - or at least this is how it works with me.

So can you imagine my huge smile while entering one of the most cosy flower shops that I have ever been?

I am talking about ‘Sfiorandomi’, a place that really makes Vicenza a bit more interesting. The place is tiny but is pure magic for all the big fans of flowers - including me obviously!

At ‘Sfiorandomi’ you will not find the usual flowers. You will find more ‘out of the ordinary’ flowers, fresh or dried. 

And on top of that you will come across beautiful paper flowers or little decorative objects made mostly of natural materials such as coconuts.

The highlight is definitely the old piano standing there waiting for someone to play its keys in order to add an extra touch of magic to this ‘one of its kind’ flower shop.

If you do visit ‘Sfiorandomi’ grab this chance and speak to Alessandra, the owner of this place. Apart from creating a special bouquet for you, she might also explain why she chose this special name for her flower shop and other cool stuff.

From time to time cool events or workshops are also organised by the owner. Keep checking their Instagram page to stay up to date with upcoming special happenings. 

Yes I love flowers and I love Sfiorandomi. It is one of those places that just feel so special. Find out more about Sfiorandomi here. 

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