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What about sleeping in a garage? What about showering in a stable? You can do it at Masseria Dagilupi, one of the most secluded and romantic places to stay in Puglia. And if this sounds bizarre let me rephrase; what about sleeping in a beautifully renovated bedroom that once used to be the farmhouse’s garage or showering in a stable that has been converted into a spacious shower?

Located in the heart of Puglia, this unique farmhouse is the perfect hideaway for those who search simplicity, serenity and relaxing views. But above all it is perfect for those who like places with a story and a fascinating past.

Masseria Dagilupi is an old farmhouse converted into a three-suite hotel. All three suites have a unique character; a character that highlights a strong bond between the past and the present. And this bond is noticeable from the very first moment.

The owners have renovated the space without ignoring its past. Quite the opposite; although they added a minimal touch of modernity throughout the property, they still managed to preserve most of its original details and wall structure.

But apart from its architecture, this hidden place offers something even more charming:  an immense respect for nature. Every single minute at Masseria Dagilupi is a minute well spent for the simple reason that you feel constantly invited to reconnect with nature.

Although this pretty farmhouse is not too far away from the busy towns of Ostuni and Alberobello, once you are there you forget everything. Being surrounded by hundreds of 1000 year-old olive trees feels so good!

Mornings at Masseria Dagilupi are full of sunshine. Breakfast is homemade, colourful and truly delicious. The lemongrass tea comes directly from the garden. And the olive oil is so flavoursome that you can’t stop tasting it.

Evenings are full of charm. During sunset colours become noticeably warmer. And the beautiful olive grove looks even more inviting. And the nights? There is something magical about nights at Masseria Dagilupi. All you can hear is the silence or, now and then, some crickets chirping. And all you can see is the summer sky full of tiny stars.

They say that there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of silence. They also say that love is looking at a sky full of stars together. If that’s true then there is no better place to relax and fall in love again!

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