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Marktplatz 10 is not another hotel or resort in South Tyrol. It is a three-bedroom holiday apartment in the heart of Caldaro - or Kaltern as German speaking locals call it. But in reality, it is much more than just that.

It is a cosy home away from home. It is where you can take a sneak peek into locals’ life as they are sipping their morning coffee. It is where you can meet artisans or farmers and buy fresh seasonal vegetables, home-made cheese, and honey. And all these literally at your doorstep.

It is where everything exists at once: past; present; future. In fact, located on the first floor of a refurbished 17th century building, Marktplatz 10 is one of the few remaining historical buildings of the village.

It is where no alarm clock is needed. It’s the church bell’s chime that marks the beginning of the day and its melody follows you throughout the day to determine every quarter of the hour, an almost lost tradition that dates back hundreds of years and that is still alive to this day in Caldaro.

It is where you can look through the window and observe local farmers stopping by for a quick glass of wine or an aperitivo. You will easily spot them thanks to their typical blue apron, an iconic South Tyrolian symbol of men and women working in the vineyards or fields. 

It is where you will find no sofa or TV in the main lounge area because Italian life simply happens around the table. It is where you can fall asleep to the gentle sound of trickling water as it flows down the little square’s fountain – a truly soothing touch for a peaceful night.

It is one of the few places where you can really become a local for a few days, discover the beauty of Caldaro, embrace the simplicity of slow living, and get the chance to focus on the moment together with those that truly matter to you.

In a few words, no…Marktplatz 10 is not just another hotel or resort in South Tyrol. At least not to me. Marktplatz 10 has a special place in my heart. It is actually a space that I co-created, in order to share a taste of my village life and the magic that comes with it with the rest of the world.

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