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Located in the 17th arrondissement, just minutes away from Ternes metro station, Rue Poncelet market is one of the most authentic food markets in Paris. You will barely find any tourists or hear any English. Instead, you will meet many Parisian foodies that are on a mission to stock up on their favourite delicacies.

And that’s exactly what I did; I felt totally Parisian for the day, and I treated myself to a proper French food and grocery shopping spree in the heart of Paris!

First stop? Alléosse Cheesemonger, a must-visit for all cheese lovers! Alléosse is the ‘cheese temple’ of West Paris and one of the few cheesemongers in Paris that actually have a cellar. That’s where the owners add the final touches and refine every cheese arriving from different producers across France.

In fact, every cheese spends some time in Alléosse’s cellar before it makes its way to the fromagerie.  If you are looking for some particular and top-quality French cheese, you will find it here!

What’s next? Liberté bakery or boulangerie, as French people call it. Also located on Rue Poncelet, just across the street from Alléosse, Liberté is where I had the most perfect French croissant: perfectly puffy, perfectly airy, perfectly layered, perfectly flaky, perfectly buttery, and perfectly delicious!

And guess what? I did not try only their croissants! Liberté’s madeleines are equally perfect...and don’t get me started about their babka cake…simply yummy!

As a famous chocoholic, I couldn’t leave without paying a visit at Edwart Chocolatier. Located at Rue des Dames, just steps away from Rue Poncelet, this place is a must-visit for all chocolate lovers that are willing to ‘provoke’ their taste buds. 

They say that life is a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get but, most probably, at Edwart Chocolatier every single chocolate will always be a delicious surprise. My favourite combinations? Chocolate with curry, chocolate with coriander and chocolate with bay leaf!

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