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What is so special about Paris? No… it’s not the macaroons. It’s the fact that Parisians are aware that it’s the little pleasures which make days and nights a bit more special.

Call it wine, cheese, croissant, baguette, art, sculpture, flowers, cinema, or whatever you want. One thing is certain: life in Paris can hardly be boring or monotonous.

And yes it’s true…at a first glance Paris can seem really grey and rainy. But then, who cares about the greyness when every few meters there is a flower shop or an art gallery that adds a splash of colour to your morning?

Who cares if the wind is turning your face into an ice-cube when every roof or every street light looks like a piece of art? Who cares if French food is a little bit ‘particular’-well, let’s admit it, snails, frog legs, or foie gras is not everyone’s cup of tea- when cheese is a national love affair?

Who cares if underground stations are dull or smelly when a few minutes later you will find yourself mesmerized by your wine’s aroma while giving it a good swirl and preparing your brain for a proper wine tasting?

It’s the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, Manet, Monet, Degas that make you breathe art. It’s the little boutiques that make you believe that big chains have not ruled every corner of the world – not just yet!

It’s the passion with which Parisians buy their flowers and cheese every week. It’s the feeling you have after biting the most perfectly layered croissant.

It’s the guy walking in front of you carrying a bottle of wine and a bag full of French baguettes on a Saturday night.

It’s all the above and much more that make Paris such a unique place. Thank you Paris for being so kind and generous with me…or should I say ‘merci’?

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