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If I had to choose one word to describe this place I would say ‘colourful’ is definitely the right one!

Boats are colourful, street signs are colourful. Houses might lack basic amenities but they definitely don’t lack colour!

Trees and flowers have their own colour too and even crabs on this island are 'colourfully’ beautiful.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, not far from Costa Rica and almost one hour flight away from Panama City these islands might not be at the top of your holiday wish list but they hide a lot of natural beauty.

You can easily find out yourself by escaping the main island and Bocas town which attracts the majority of tourists and by visiting some of the other islands where local people live. Try Isla Bastimentos or Isla Carenero to start with.

If you are looking for fancy places, you won’t find them here but you will find a lot of precious stuff.

You will see how local people live. You will listen to afro-Caribbean music. You will have the chance to drink the best fresh pineapple juice you have ever tried - yes it is the best.

You will meet some exotic little animals and if you are lucky you will eventually discover a couple of hidden restaurants to please your taste buds.

If what you read sounds like it could be your next adventure, you can find out more here

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