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Unusual. Impactful. Dominant. These are just a few words – if I could really use any- to describe Angkor Wat, the temples located just a few minutes away from Siem Reap town.  

It is among the most famous archaeological sites of the world. Although it is not as old as some of the ancient Greek or Roman historic sites, it is for sure equally impressive! So no wonder why it belongs to UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It is hard to describe Angkor temples with words. It is not similar to any other building or site I have ever visited.

And although the structure is partly ruined – there are moments that you feel that some of those giant stones might fall on your head- it is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary manmade creations.

What makes it even more special though is the setting. Nowadays, you can’t easily find such historic sites surrounded by pure nature.  

While walking, cycling or driving from site to site you will find yourself surrounded by monkey families, exotic little lizards or small spider nets which could also be a piece of art themselves!

Some beautiful, vivid, big butterflies that fly fearless seeking for some company, make this experience a bit more playful and colourful. You will see, they are everywhere and it will be hard not to notice them!

So if you travel to that part for the world, spend a couple of days around there to explore these impressive temples which blend in beautifully with nature.

Whatever you do, try not to get there by car. Choose a ‘tuk-tuk’ or even a bicycle if you are sporty enough. This will allow you to better feel the vibes of the place and connect with nature! Don’t forget your trainers…they might be useful when trying to climb up some of the temples!

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