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Summer is my happiness (smiley face). I am not sure about yours but my summers always have ‘a touch of Greece’.

Yes…I mean endless sunshine, salty moments by the Aegean Sea, gorgeous sunsets, untouched beaches, a nice tan, ‘masticha’ shots, and of course delicious Greek food!

Greek food is obviously the reason behind this post! And to be more precise, the real reason is one of my favourite summer fish and seafood bars, Omega3 on Sifnos Island.

For those that have never heard of Sifnos, it is a Cycladic island in the heart of the Aegean Sea.  It is absolutely beautiful so I would recommend it to all Greek summer lovers! But let’s go back to one of my favourite topics – Greek food and Omega3!

I discovered Omega3 back in 2014 when I first visited Sifnos Island. Located exactly on Platys Gialos beach, it had already drawn my attention back then. I could not stop thinking about all those creative seafood dishes that reminded me of a colourful painting and tasted amazingly well!

No matter how many places I visited since then, Omega3 remained at the top of my list. So, a few summers later, I decided to go back.

Once again, Omega 3 exceeded my expectations. All dishes are still as colourful and tasty as I remembered them – or even more. Fish at Omega3 is super tasty as well as the rest of the dishes that are equally fresh and super creative in a very positive way!

All the different ceviche dishes are delicious and when you pair them with some Greek wines, they become even tastier. Without doubt, one of the most interesting dishes I have ever tried was the ‘Greek island taco’ – a great way to combine local flavours with something more exotic.

As you might have already guessed…I can’t wait to go back to this place and have another barefoot lunch or dinner on the beach! A must-visit place for all ceviche and seafood lovers! Find out more about Omega3 here

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