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The proper name of this secret meadow is Stockwiesen. However, I would call it ‘flower-land’. Why? Because it is a flower paradise. A flower paradise created by nature itself! 

I would go there around May or June - not too hot, not too cold and everything is blooming!

How can you reach this little ‘flower land’? By traveling to South Tyrol, one of the regions of North Italy. To be more precise, this little spot is located in Aldein.

It is a perfect place for a day in nature or among the mountains. If you are not a mountain person – I know exactly how you feel- don’t be scared; no climbing or proper hiking is required!

But in order to find this well hidden place, you will need to drive to Schmiederalm. Stop there. Go inside. Ask for directions to Stockwiesen.

And since you are there why not having a 'strauben’ with marmalade or Nutella on the terrace. By far one of the most delicious desserts in this area! 

Once you reach your destination, take a moment and observe closely all these different flowers.

They don’t have the same colour. They don’t have the same size or number of petals. And they don’t look perfect. But that’s the point; this is nature. Beautifully imperfect!

And Stockwiesen is definitely a 'colourful’ tribute to the beauty of nature strictly for nature lovers! 

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