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You will not find this place unless you really look for it – it is hidden among fields and apple trees.

But once you find it you will be rewarded with some of the best homemade brunch with a relaxing view!Rotentorhof is located not far from Caldaro, a tiny village in North Italy.

Speck (a local smoked, cured ham similar to prosciutto), cheese, eggs, cakes, tea, prosecco, bread and fresh fruits will arrive at your table by the smiley owner or the rest staff.

On a sunny morning customers enjoy the sun on the little terrace. What is incredibly beautiful and unique about it? You don’t really believe that you are at a coffee shop. It feels more like drinking your coffee at someone’s garden, away from any kind of noise or disturbance.

The only pleasant distraction from time to time might be the family’s hen strolling around the garden – which is kind of cute for sure!

As you might have understood by now, Rotentorhof is a family business so customers are not treated only like customers. Customers are more than customers, they are special guests; or at least that’s how everyone at Rotentorhof made me feel!

A great cosy welcoming atmosphere and local freshly made delicacies! What else could I ask for my Sunday brunch? Find out more here.

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