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Manincor wine estate is located just above Caldaro Lake and this makes the view from the winery indisputably beautiful. But of course this is not the only reason why this wine estate is so special.

Its roots go back to the early 1600s but Manincor is still a magnificent example of mixing old and new, functional and beautiful, natural and industrial. Above all, it is a great place to enjoy a bottle of wine – not just any wine, but biodynamic wine.

Sustainability is such a big topic nowadays. However, I had never really associated sustainability and biodynamics with wine making until the day I visited Manincor.  Having the chance to take a peek at the different parts of the winery including the old and new cellar or the various rooms where the grapes are being processed is at least fascinating or even educating I would say!

Every single element of the winery has been very well thought and designed in a way that respects nature and its ecosystems; from the architecture and the cooling systems -geothermal energy is used to control the temperature in the cellars- to the vineyards that often offer their shade to hens and chickens that actually live there and contribute to the biodynamic farming.

Even the newest parts of the winery have been built respecting these values. The new cellar has been solely built underground avoiding any intervention in the beautiful scenery. 

I was lucky enough to meet Walter Angonese, one of the two architects, as well as the owner, Count Michael Goëss-Enzenberg, and listen to some interesting insights and stories over a glass of wine!

The excellent attention to detail combined with their love and passion about what they do is evident when it comes to the wines themselves as well. Most of them have their own distinctive bouquet and aromas. My favourite is La Rose de Manincor which is perfect for summer days!

Enjoying an inviting glass of wine being fully aware of its long history, its roots and its quality is indeed great!! Find out more here

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