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I am a big fan of French desserts and pastries – yes I have a sweet tooth. So, croissants and tarts are always at the top of my list.

For that reason, I was super happy when I discovered ‘Portatif’, a little charming Parisian style coffee shop in Kolonaki area, at the heart of Athens.

‘Portatif’, which derives from a French word, is used by Greeks to describe a type of lamp. So throughout the place you will indeed find different types of lampshades, some contemporary and some a bit more vintage.

However the most unforgettable thing about ‘Portatif’ is not its lamps but its menu. Yummy croissants and ‘tartelettes aux framboise’ as the French would say are an excellent choice – one of the best strawberry tarts I have ever tried.

Don’t forget to accompany your tart with a hot cup of tea. There is not a huge selection of tea but these few tea options are definitely very interesting. Try the one with goji berries! Delicious!

So if you are visiting Athens for a few days or if you find yourself shopping around Kolonaki area or even if you just live around there, you should check this place out…it might be your new local! Find out more here

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