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If you are in search for the perfect sunny lazy morning, a private breakfast with a sea view, proper Cycladic architecture, peaceful afternoon naps, swimming during the hot sunset and a cold beer under the stars then the place that you are looking for is Portes Houses.

Now, a quick geographical fact so that you don’t get confused; Koufonisia Islands are actually three tiny islands near each other.

The main and most populated island is Upper Koufonisi or ‘Ano’ Koufonisi as Greeks call it. Lower Koufonisi or ‘Kato’ Koufonisi in Greek, is located just next to Upper Koufonisi and it is almost uninhabited. It is the same with ‘Keros’ Island, no inhabitants! All together they form Koufonisia Islands.

As you might have already understood, Upper Koufonisi is where all the action takes place and this is where Portes Houses is located.

With less than ten rooms, and located just a few minutes away from the sea, this place is a well kept secret that hasn’t been discovered by mass tourism. But its few guests are loyal and return sooner or later.

Simplicity, Cycladic lines, white shades, lavender, basil and cactus fruits complete the beautiful outdoor space which is by far the most beautiful outdoor space of the island!

The best part of the hotel is not the design, or the pool or any expensive furniture.  The best part is your own little private terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast fruits and stunning views of the blue Aegean Sea combined with the sounds and scents of Greek nature. And all these in your swimsuit!

In the evening the stars, the moon, the candles around the pool and a bottle of wine will transform this little terrace into your own private paradise!

And you might be amazed by how much brighter stars seem to be on Koufonisia Island! Find out more about Portes Houses here.  

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