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We might take them for granted but life would not be as colourful and sweet without them. I am referring to bees. And this is only one of the many interesting things that I got to realise during my visit at Ermionis Honey and Olive Oil museum.

While most museums celebrate mankind’s greatest discoveries and creations, Ermionis Honey and Olive Oil Museum celebrates nature and life as it explores the wonderful world of bees! Did you know that most of the fruits and vegetables we consume today grow thanks to pollination done by honeybees and other bees?

No wonder why apiculture was already a key activity in ancient Greece. So, if you are looking for a truly Greek experience during your Greek holiday you might want to consider a visit at this family-run bee farm.

Located in Kranidi, an old town in Ermionida, one of the most beautiful regions of Peloponnese, this museum immerses guests in the buzzing world of apiculture. Visitors can learn fascinating facts about bees, do honey tasting, as well as taste some honey vinegar.

But Greece is not only about honey. Olive trees, with thousands of years of history, have their roots in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern region. That’s why at Ermionis Honey and Olive Oil Museum guests also have the chance to discover old oil mills and the process behind olive oil production.

For sure, this is not your typical museum but if you are looking for an alternative museum experience to complete your Greek summer, the owners of this place will personally welcome you and will be happy to show you around their beautiful farm. Don’t forget to call in advance to plan your visit.  

And don’t leave this place without tasting some carob honey. Its distinctive flavour makes it super yummy; one spoon is never enough so I always make sure there is some space for a jar or two in my luggage! It is the sweetest souvenir I can bring back from Greece after all!

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