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Before visiting Caseificio Piu I knew that Tuscany is well known for its unique landscape, its artistic legacy, the delicious red wine and the famous Fiorentine steak. What I didn’t know was that I was about to experience the best cheese tasting in Italy; an authentic pecorino cheese tasting, with real sheep milk!

Caseificio Piu is a sheep and cheese production farm in the heart of Tuscany. It is a real business and not another tourist attraction so if you are an authentic cheese lover or just a curious traveller that respects nature and local producers then pay a visit to Caseificio Piu.

Giancarlo, the co-owner of the farm, will be happy to welcome you, share some of his pecorino secrets with you, show you around the farm with its beautiful views and above all create a unique pecorino cheese tasting experience for you.

Be prepared for a full sensory experience.  You will enjoy the tranquillity and silence of Tuscan nature, amazing views and some excellent cheese. However, don’t forget you are in a farm, so be prepared for some ‘peculiar’ smells or scents!

Giancarlo and his brother are originally from Sardinia. They moved to Tuscany when they were around 22 in order to take over the family business. And they made it! Today they have not one, not two but more than 1200 sheep.

After spending a few hours with Giancarlo not only you get to experience one of the best cheese tastings in Italy but you also realise that life is about loving what you do and doing what you love. His eyes sparkle every time he speaks about the different types of pecorino cheese they produce and he can’t wait to hear your thoughts after tasting every single slice of it.

It is so nice to see that there are still people that value quality and respect nature in such a simple way. And above all it’s nice to know that there are people ready to answer all your questions -silly or not- with always a huge smile on their face. And it’s a smile that truly comes from their heart! Find out more about Caseificio Piu.

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