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How annoying it is to walk around London and then… here it comes; the rain! It is London so it’s kind of predictable but deep inside me, I always hope for some sunshine... ‘I guess today is not going to be that sunny day I wished for’ I thought! It all started with a big fat drop. Then it was a drop here and there. Then it got worse. I was in the middle of a real downpour!

I had to find a place to keep me warm. A place that would help me start this rainy day in a sweet way. Bageriet, I thought! Bageriet in Swedish means bakery. However, this tiny place is not located in Sweden but in a secret alley of Covent Garden in the heart of London.  It is a Swedish bakery serving many interesting Swedish delicacies such as cardamom cake, ‘nut cave’, ‘tosca’ and much more.

But what makes this place so special is its cinnamon roll or cinnamon bun or cinnamon swirl or however you want to call it! Apparently, cinnamon rolls are originally from Sweden so no wonder why Bageriet’s cinnamon rolls are so yummy.

Did you know that according to some Swedish traditions, cinnamon rolls are supposed to be shared among friends during breakfast or coffee breaks? And this is the spirit at Bageriet! There are only two tables so customers are invited to share a table with each other while enjoying their cinnamon roll and a cup of hot tea. Not a bad way to start a cold and rainy day in London – just keep in mind that Bageriet is closed on Sundays!

After an hour or so, everything looked a bit drier. I had just shared a huge cinnamon roll with my man and I couldn’t be more ready to start my London day. This time I was more determined. No rain could stop me from enjoying my day.

It’s been a few weeks since that rainy day in London.  I am so glad I didn’t let the rain put me off, because it was a perfect day in London after all. And I am still totally in love with my man but also with Bageriet’s cinnamon rolls – I am actually craving one while I am writing these lines!

Lesson learnt; don’t let anything stop you, not even the rain! Share a cinnamon roll from Bageriet with someone you love and who knows…this might brighten up your day a bit! Find out more about Bageriet here.

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